Saturday, November 21, 2009

If a child talks, would you listen?

Some of us have had the wonderful opportunity to attend conventions for our jobs. Being a teacher, I try to attend the teacher's convention here in Milwaukee as often as possible. The key note speakers are usually brilliant authors of children books, or once classroom teachers turned into motivational leaders and administrators, or even very successfully business men/women who were highly affected by their childhood teacher.

Don't get me wrong, their words can be strong and powerful, and I usually walk away with some sort of "new perspective". But what if a child talked? What if the one person whom we as teachers touch the lives everyday spoke? What would they say? How would it impact our teaching? After watching this clip, I now know the answers to my questions... I think the keynote speaker should be the child every time...because aren't they the ones that matter most?

I hope this humbling video brings happiness to you- because remember at one point in our lives we were ALL that student! What would you have asked your teacher?

Click here to watch the video

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