Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Suze Orman

S0, today I was watching Oprah and Suze Orman was on. I have never heard of this woman until today. I wasn't really paying attention until I heard her giving these amazingly positive one liners. The topic was successful / famous people going back to their very first job.

Suze Orman is a personal finance expert who also is a motivational speaker, she has won numerous awards, and just this year Forbes named Orman 18th on their list of The Most Influential Women In Media. You can learn more about Suze Orman at : http://www.suzeorman.com/

As Suze was talking with Oprah and discussing her first job as waitress and short order cook at the ButterCup Bakery, she touched upon how her first job helped her to discover the ultimate respect for people. She acknowledged that when each person came to eat at the restaurant, it was her job to make that the most enjoyable experience possible. It wasn't work for her, it was what made her happy and her customers happy.

"Who you are has nothing to do with what you do. Who you are is how you treat people. How you serve people. How you cater to them. If you can just be kind to people, if you can just be pleasant to people, that the greatest tip in life is when they smile back at you."

Although those were indeed moving words, her next quote struck my happy nerve when she spoke about the key to happiness ~

"When you make average great, your dreams can become reality".

I'll leave you with those few words from this new inspirational person in my life, in hopes that today you can find a piece of "humbled happiness".

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